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Anchoring Kit – Greenhouse / Skylight Sheds

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This Anchoring Kit provides you with the safest way to secure your Nature Series Greenhouse to the foundation you have chosen, be it wood, concrete, or even grass. This Anchoring Kit allows you to anchor into soft or hard surfaces, providing outstanding holding capabilities in extreme weather conditions. It has been cleverly designed to fit your existing Palram – Canopia greenhouse; Nature, Harmony, Mythos, Hybrid, Balance, or Octave. Securely anchors greenhouse to the ground or foundation Withstands winds up to 100 kph Easy to install all inclusive greenhouse anchoring kit Compatible with various Palram – Canopia greenhouse: Nature, Multi-Line, Harmony, Mythos, Hybrid, Balance or Octave

Model: #702771

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Customer Reviews (11)
  1. emmamiller Country: Ireland

    Installation was straightforward.

    Installation was straightforward.
  2. Bmatthew Country: Greece

    Excellent anchoring kit.

    Excellent anchoring kit, providing options for securing the greenhouse.
  3. Christopherwilliams Country: Switzerland

    Hope for success!

    This kit looks very good and I love that it includes everything for many setups. Hope it holds up well under Mother Nature's wrath!
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