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Sydney 2.8m x 5.8m Wave Cantilever Carport - Black Aluminium With Corrugated Solar Grey Polycarbonate Roof Panels

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The Sydney Cantilever Carport gives you the freedom to park without extra posts. Ideal for turnaround areas or car charging stations, cantilever carports are a great way to protect your vehicle while taking up minimal space. The versatile carport kit boasts panels that transmit sunlight while still providing UV-protection and ample shade, allowing it to work as a flat top carport, patio cover, or outdoor covered lounge area.
Measuring almost 10 feet wide x 20 feet long, this two-legged car shelter is engineered to withstand volatile weather conditions. The ultra resilient polycarbonate carport includes an internal gutter and is 4 in. wider than competitors. The advantage of the unique design is that the Sydney can be installed as a double carport in an apex or wing shape. Protect your vehicle from snow, hail, wind, and UV-rays in a modern and versatile parking carport.

BEFORE ORDERING – Be sure to check your local building and zoning codes & guidelines and ensure that any/all appropriate permits have been acquired.

  • Versatile Cantilever Carport: The flat top carport has two massive (3 x 6.5 in) posts to optimize space with overhead clearance of 6’6″-9’5″.
  • Durable Structure: Aluminum frame is a strong, rust-resistant grey-coated metal and includes integrated rain gutters to direct rainwater.
  • Resilient Panels: Polycarbonate is 100% UV protected, virtually unbreakable and does not turn yellow or become brittle over time. No need to remove panels for Winter.
  • UV Protection: The corrugated solar grey polycarbonate panels provide 10% light transmission, protecting your vehicles from strong sunlight exposure.
  • Year-Round Weather Resistance: Wind, snow, and hail resistant. Tested to withstand winds up to 75 mph and 15 lb./ft² of snow.
  • Self-Assembly: Easy sliding panel system includes pre-drilled profiles and pre-cut panels making assembly as simple as possible. Concrete footing required for installation.
  • Warranty: 10 Year Limited Warranty. Customers are responsible for ensuring a perfectly flat, level surface site for construction.
Model: #707273


A Length 586.5cm 19'2"ft
B Width 286cm 9'4"ft
C Height 288cm 9'5"ft

Product Details

EV Charger

For electric vehicles that will be parked under the carport, you can mount your EV charger on a carport post.

Polycarbonate Panels

Virtually unbreakable, 100% UV protected, solid solar grey Polycarbonate panels, high impact and shatter resistant. Maintain their integrity and do not discolor, fracture or become brittle over time. Ready to assemble pre-cut panels

Built-in Gutters

Built-in gutters channel rainwater

Rating and Reviews

4.9 (20 Reviews)
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Customer Reviews (20)
  1. OllieWinds Country: Greece

    Simple and Useful

    The self-assembly was straightforward. It's been a worthwhile addition to our property.
  2. MiaLo Country: United States (US)

    It's adding value to our house

    We're considering getting another one for the other side of our driveway!
  3. AvaHern Country: Belgium

    Good Purchase

    Our Sydney Cantilever Carport has made a significant difference in our daily routine. It's easy to access and has kept our vehicles safe from all kinds of weather.


The polycarbonate roof panels can withstand temperatures up to 190 F.
Yes, this keeps the rain off without leaking.
Yes, it certainly should withstand its impact and maintain its integrity. It will not shatter if an acorn hits it, having said that, it is not recommended to be built directly under a tree.
The carport needs to be properly installed on a concrete slab, concrete footings or deck. The base of the posts has to be anchored onto a solid base / footing and fastened with the foot pads kit. Yes, it is possible to mount on a deck. Please consult with a professional with regards to the appropriate bolts and screws and masonry anchors.
The posts length is 82.7 in. (210 cm)
It is not recommended to paint the polycarbonate panels, please refer to the warranty.
The carport needs to be anchored well and should be on cement footings.
Yes, the Arcadia’s panels are heat resistant, as long as you keep the grill at a reasonable distance from the panels, it should be fine. Please make sure you follow the manufacturers safety advise and keep a safe distance. The polycarbonate panels can withstand heat of over 180 degrees F. Make sure you keep a safe distance from the heat source, as per the manufacturer’s safety advise.

Assembly instructions & Certificates for Downloads

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